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Hi, I'm Dan!
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My name is Dan Cline, I'm a senior at UMass Amherst, and I am currently on the market for full time software engineering positions starting in 2021! Here are some of the things that I have worked on throughout my college career:

mit-dci/opencx 📈

OpenCX is a set of libraries and tools for implementing experimental features on exchange system. If you're not familiar with exchange systems, these are the backend systems that power exchanges like The New York Stock Exchange, Binance, and NASDAQ. In particular, OpenCX makes it easy to modify certain parts of a cryptocurrency exchange. With OpenCX, it is easy to simulate matching and implement protocols like ClockWork and non-custodial trading protocols. This software is more relevant for researchers working on experimental trading protocols, but it could be useful for software developers interested in building an exchange system proof of concept.


BTCD is a golang implementation of bitcoin and I have been contributing in my free time since late 2019. Currently I have been helping out with code review, general project management, and various enhancements and features. I'm working on btcd simply because I appreciate all of the work that has gone into the project, enjoyed working with its APIs much more than other bitcoin libraries, and would like to support its users for as long as I have the motivation and time to continue working on it.

rjected/cline-resume 📝

Rather than using a google doc, I write my resume in LaTeX, produce a PDF, and track changes with git. Writing in LaTeX lets me focus on the content of my resume rather than the design or layout of my resume.

I have created a base format that such that I can add sections to my resume in a modular way. For example, adding a QR code to my resume is a one-line change! This has saved me many hours and I would highly recommend using my template or a template like it.

What am I doing now?

Since I'm looking for a job and graduating soon, I'm mostly preparing for interviews and finishing up classes. I'm also doing some cryptography research with Professor Adam O'Neill! If you're really interested in what I do or would like to set up a meeting with me, please send me an email!